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Patch 2.1.1

  • New Monster: Panda Warrior

  • 3 new Recipes have been added to the Fusion Hexagram.

    1. Panda Warrior (Fire, 5★)
    2. Horus (Water, 4★)
    3. Kung Fu Girl (Wind, 4★)
  • 3 new Secret Dungeons have been added to the Cairos Dungeon.

    • Secret Dungeons for the Fire Beast Hunter, Water Grim Reaper, and Wind Lizardman have been added.
    • You can discover the new Secret Dungeons with a fixed chance at the Attribute Dungeons.
  • UI Improvements

    • With the new Fusion Info button, you will be able to view the information of the fusible Monsters more conveniently. This new feature will be located on the upper-left side of the Fusion page.
    • The Monster Info page will now display whether or not the Monster is part of a Fusion Recipe.
    • New tips on the beneficial and harmful effects have been added to the Help menu. Go to player profile on the top-left of the village -> Game Settings -> Help to check.
  • Bug Fix

    • The issue of Monsters returning to the Monster Storage under certain situations has been fixed.

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