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Beneficial / Harmful Effects

You can apply up to 10 beneficial / harmful effects on a single target.

Same effects can't be accumulated and the one applied last will replace the existing effect.

Continuous Damage, Bomb, and Recovery effects are exceptions and can be accumulated.

Harmful Effect Types


The target will be stunned and won't be able to attack.


The target will be frozen and won't be able to attack.

Decrease DEF

The target's Defense will be decreased by 70%.

Decrease ATK

The target's Attack Power will be decreased by 50%.

Continuous DMG

The target's HP will be damaged by 5% of the MAX HP whenever the target's turn returns. (Ignores Defense)

Decrease ATK SPD

The target's Attack Speed will be decreased by 30%.


The target will be put to sleep and won't be able to attack. The sleeping target wakes up when attacked.

Increased chances of missing

The chances of landing a glancing hit will be increased by 50%. (Glancing Hits will decrease the damage by 30% and if the attacker has Attribute disadvantage, damage will be decreased additionally by 16%.)


The target's HP can't be recovered.


Explodes after a fixed amount of turns to inflict damage and stuns the target for 1 turn. (Ignores Defense)


The target is forced to attack the Monster that provoked it.

Beneficial Effects Blocked

All beneficial effects will be blocked.


Skills with cooldowns will be locked. (Passive skills not included)


The target will receive 25% increased damage.


Passive skills will be locked.

Beneficial Effect Types

Increase ATK

The target's Attack Power will be increased by 50%.

Increase ATK SPD

The target's Attack Speed will be increased by 30%.

Increase DEF

The target's Defense will be increased by 70%


The target will gain immunity against all harmful effects.

Reflect DMG

The target will return 30% of the incoming damage to the attacker when attacked.

Increase CRI Rate

The target's Critical Rate will be increased by 30%.


The target's HP will be recovered by 15% on each turn.


The Shield will absorb a fixed amount of damage.


When attacked, the target will counterattack to inflict 75% of the Attack Power as damage.


The target will be invincible.


The target will counterattack instead with a 50% chance when its ally is attacked.

Increased CRI Resist

Decreases the chances of being attacked with a Critical Hit by 50%.


The target's HP will not drop below 1 even when attacked.


The caster of this skill will take 50% of the damage instead of the attacked ally and the attacked ally will receive 0 damage.


A Rune Shield will be created on all allies, absorbing damage equivalent to 15% of the HP of the Monster equipped with a set of 2 Shield Runes. (The Rune Shield will absorb more damage when more than 1 set is equipped.)

Protect Soul

The target will revive with 30% HP when defeated.

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